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Wisdom Retreat

One of our Foundation Goals is to partner and collaborate with organizations that promote personal responsibility and personal safety. In doing this, we hope to help high school student’s transition to college, vocational school, or other endeavors in a safe and healthy way.

With that in mind, The Tom Bearson Foundation was proud to sponsor a “Wisdom Retreat” by Youth Frontiers for graduating seniors at Sartell High School, Sartell, MN on May 16, 2017. The “Wisdom Retreat” was a reflective day for seniors to gain healthy closure on their high school years together by enabling an opportunity to strengthen relationships and school connectedness and be challenged to nurture wise choices for the rest of the school year and beyond.

The Wisdom Retreat encompassing most of the school day featured the following:

HIGH-ENERGY - With original music from musicians and high-energy facilitators, we encourage students to play, laugh and connect with one another.

ACTIVITIES - Community-building activities designed to break down social barriers help foster stronger relationships among students.

PRESENTATIONS - Our Retreat Staff share personal stories centered on the values of the day. With humor and heart, they challenge kids to make a difference in their school.

SMALL GROUPS - Throughout the day, students meet in self-led small groups to talk about what they are learning and experiencing.

SHARING - At the end of the retreat, students have a chance to share positive memories and thank or acknowledge classmates and teachers.

FOLLOW UP - After the retreat, our student surveys (online only) help measure and understand the impact of the retreat.

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