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Area Youth Basketball

While Tom played many sports, his true love was basketball, and he loved to practice as much as he could. Whether it was outside (even when the weather was bad), or inside at one of many local gyms, Tom was always practicing.


For the 2019 - 2020 season, the Tom Bearson Foundation donated $5,000 to the Sartell Area Youth Basketball Association (SAYBA). The Tom Bearson Foundation also donated $5,000 each season in 2018 - 2019 and 2017 - 2018 to SAYBA. This money is for additional practice time over and above normal practice schedule plans for each season.

Tom Beason Playing Basketball

Our goal is to enable kids to play more basketball, provide for more convenient times and gyms, keep association fees affordable, and to increase interest and participation for kids of all ages.  We intend to expand this program to other local area schools youth basketball programs down the road.

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