High School Basketball

Tom loved athletics and being part of a team. He was very competitive, and he enjoyed building team chemistry, fostering friendships, and winning games. To be successful as a team, it is important to: break down invisible walls, develop trust, push past perceived limits, communicate effectively, and commit to the team vision. Our Foundation will continue to support team building events - such as basketball camps - to help bring the Sartell boys and girls basketball programs to new heights. In addition, we are dedicated to providing funding to help keep youth association fees at an affordable level, along with helping cover the costs of additional practice time at local gymnasiums.  

So far the Foundation has donated $4,000 to the Sartell High School Girls and Boys Basketball programs. This money can be used for a variety of expenses, including: camps, clinics, practice facility time, and more.

Our Foundation is committed to helping the Sartell Boys Basketball Program find the magic that can take them to the top! We will provide financial resources that help improve the team and program on a long term basis. These camps start at $1,200 and are paid for by the Tom Bearson Foundation.

We are committed to helping the Sartell Girls Basketball Program have the skills and resources that will take them to the top! The cost of these camps start at $1,200, and they are happily paid for entirely by the Tom Bearson Foundation.

We are happy to support the Sartell High School Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball Teams as they pursue excellence. These Team Building courses cost around $1,000, and we are very proud to sponsor these events.

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